Natural Fly Repellent Spray
Natural Fly Repellent Spray

Natural Fly Repellent Spray

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The Alchemists Garden Natural  Fly Repellent is formulated with a blend of Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Neem Oil and Carrot Seed Oil which work together to nourish the skin, and deter flies and insects.


The 500ml version of this product is packaged in a PLASTIC FREE container which is made from a sugar cane 'Bio-polymer'.

When sugar cane grows it absorbs Co2 in the atmosphere and therefor helps to reduce our carbon emissions. 

The 1 litre version of this product is packaged in 95% recycled plastic - Which can also go back into the recycling system. 



Refill bottles will not come with a spray top. 


All of the ingredients are natural and safe to use

Application is advised every 4-6 hours


Please patch test before use!


Why go Natural?

Deet is the most common Insect Repellent in both humans and horses, there are multiple warnings regarding its safety, for you, your horse and for the environment. 

A landmark study conducted in 2013 suggests that insects are only initially deterred by Deet, but if exposed again, would ignore it. Often thought of as the most potent insect repellent, Deet is losing its effectiveness. 

Deet is incredibly harmful if ingested - not ideal for horses turned out who groom each other. It can be incredibly damaging if inhaled or if exposed to the eyes and potentially cause airway inflammation or eye conditions such as Uveitis. 

On top of that, Deet is incredibly harmful to the planet, and damaging to Birds and Aquatic life. 

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